old new hobby

I went fabric shopping today with Sarah. It's been a while since I've gotten into sewing and I definitely want to get back into it. I think I've forgotten a lot already, but I have a huge bag of unfinished projects and alterations. So I guess it will be my re-newed hobby!
top:  f21
jumper: thrifted
backpack: icing
boots: joe fresh


insta streetstyle

I spotted Natalia at the bus stop after work. I love the military camo jacket. I've been wanting one and think it's a fun piece for fall to mix it up. Thanks Natalia for being so kind :)


fall inspiration | part 1

source: pinterest

Be Bold this fall! Wear boots, wear leather, wear sweaters with collared shirts, where deep red lipstick, where faux fur, where hats, wear fun tights, wear scarves, wear colored denim, wear your hair in braids, wear heels, wear oversized sweaters/blazers. Isn't fall so fun to dress up for? hehe. For some reason I think it's easier to be bold in this season without being overbearing, maybe because you're all covered up. Have fun with it and play with different textures and styles! What are you excited to wear this fall?


local thrifts

My sister-in-law, Sarah and I went hunting for the local thrift shops since we're new to the city. She found some cool ones online like paying by the pound and ones with everything less than a dollar. We tried to go to the dollar thrift shop but it turns out that it was out of business...boo. But luckily trying to find our way back home we found a Goodwill! And we gots some goodies too! Check out my awesome find here. It's an idea for a halloween costume, possibly a hippy or disco diva. Is it too early to think of halloween costumes? Do you know what you're going to be? Making a halloween costume is something I want to do someday. Maybe next year or someday when I have little ninos of my own.
hat : le chateau
top: joe fresh
skirt: thrifted/mom's?
ballet flats: ardenes
purse: thrifted



I found these "flatforms" or "flatstack platforms" and they are the greatest invention. I'm so glad they came out with this style because my feet are seriously the worst in heels, which is a sad story because I ruined my feet from wearing bad shoes and walking a lot. Lesson learned. But anyways now I can wear these and feel comfortable with some height. Some people probably think they're ugly and they were compared to spice girl shoes, but that's ok. It works for me. What do you think of 'em? 
and I really love my striped top so I'm trying to figure out different ways to wear it, which is kind of a challenge. I don't want to look like a referee because that's what I've been called when I wore it. ha. Do you have any other ideas of what to pair with it? 

top: forever 21
pants: urban planet
shoes:  dolce vita from town shoes


back in business boys

So I finally got settled into my new place. Well settled enough to take some photos. I'm still learning how to use the tripod but it's getting easier. Practice makes perfect, like with anything you do. So far I'm liking the city. I still have a ton of exploring to do and people to meet. So stay tuned for a new beginning of many more outfits! {my favorite kind of posts}    What are your favorite types of posts?

hat: aritzia
top: forever 21
skirt: mom's closet
necklace: re-crafted
shoes: old navy