I found these "flatforms" or "flatstack platforms" and they are the greatest invention. I'm so glad they came out with this style because my feet are seriously the worst in heels, which is a sad story because I ruined my feet from wearing bad shoes and walking a lot. Lesson learned. But anyways now I can wear these and feel comfortable with some height. Some people probably think they're ugly and they were compared to spice girl shoes, but that's ok. It works for me. What do you think of 'em? 
and I really love my striped top so I'm trying to figure out different ways to wear it, which is kind of a challenge. I don't want to look like a referee because that's what I've been called when I wore it. ha. Do you have any other ideas of what to pair with it? 

top: forever 21
pants: urban planet
shoes:  dolce vita from town shoes


  1. hey cute girl! thanks for your comment on my blog :) following you back! ok so for sperry's... i have to wear them with the little half socks or else the kill my feet!!! You can get them at target, costco, etc. I have white sperry's too and wear them with those. And I have toms that I wear them with as well. Ok so for the tom wedges...they are SO comfy. I'm a heel hater myself because they kill my feet but these are so comfortable. Granted, I haven't really worn them walking around a ton, just to parties, dinners, etc. but I've had no problems! sorry for the long comment haha! love your blog and can't wait to read more! xox

  2. I LOVE this outfit! I couldn't pull of stripes and floral, but you are rocking it! I love your toe polish color too! Love your blog!


  3. Love this top! I've been looking for one like it :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

  4. OH MY GOSH. I have been fantasizing about flatforms for weeks. Where on earth are they?! Oh, and I think your referee blouse would look excellent with something like... http://shopruche.com/romantics-in-rome-skirt.html
    OH OH OH and then... http://shopruche.com/love-in-the-air-heart-tights.html

    That would be adorable. Hopefully those links work. Anyways.

    - - - - -

  5. Wow! that's a crazy unique combination! I like it!! I don't think I could pull that off though, haha. Love your blog!


  6. I love that striped shirt!!!!
    I followed, follow back?

  7. Who do they think they are! Spice girls are timeless:) haha I like them, and I love how youve put the stripes and floral together

  8. Hey, I hope you are okay with this, but I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! If you'd answer the questions that'd be so awesome!!!

  9. i love everything about this outfit :)

  10. I actually like the top and I want me a pair of floral pants or jeans. Oh dear! I got lots on my list for fall that I may not even get. Anyway, the shoes reminds me of Gypsy shoes from a different online shoe store. I am no expert, but pair with a bright skirt too? Anway, good combo!