the zoo

We took a trip to the Calgary zoo with my cousins and the kids. It was so cool to see animals in real life. I mean it's not often you see a lion right in front of you {...I know, I'm easily amazed}. It was a fun zoo and there was a lot to see. We didn't have enough time to get to the Canadian Wilds and the Dinosaur Park. But that's okay...maybe next time. lol. And guess what? Prince William and Kate Middleton visited this zoo {not during our visit though}. That would have been so cool to see.

We waited to see the hippos and this was our best view

I waited in line with the kids for this one

The butterfly gallery was one of my favourite things to see. There were butterflies free-flying everywhere...it was magical. 
And a butterfly landed on Tyson's hat. So cute.

This was my other favourite spot. Gotta love them gorillas and monkeys.

Marques and his friends looking at the elephants.


Sunday Dress

Thrifted Top/Joe Fresh Skirt/Thrifted Purse/Springs Shoes (gift)

This is what I wore to church. It's simple and J.Crew inspired. It was so cool because I met two missionaries that served in the Canada Toronto East Mission where I served. One of them gave their homecoming talk. What a small world!


go get'em tiger

Thrifted Top/2nd hand Pants/Lululemon Bag/F21 Necklace/Thrifted Shoes

This is what I wore to apply for jobs at the local mall. You always have to try and make a good first impression! I got these pants from a friend. She hosted a clothing swap, which I thought was a brilliant idea. We ate tasty food, went through each other's clothes, and played wii. It was so fun! And of course, I came away with some nice stuff! Thanks friends ;)


MUSIC MONDAY: Louis Armstrong

I just watched the movie Monte Carlo at the cheap seats. I got to say I'm a sucker for feel good chick flicks...even the kiddy ones. haha. It was filmed in Paris and it was so cute. They played this song by Louis Armstrong and I love it. I'm definitely a hopeless romantic. enjoy :)

Louis Armstrong - La Vie en rose


new girl in town

Urban Behaviour top/Thrifted pants/2nd hand headband/Thrifted jewelry/Joe Fresh moccasins 

Hi everyone!

Guess what?! I just finished my last final exam and now I'm graduating! I studied at the UofM and majored in nutrition. It feels so good to finally be done! So I decided to travel to Calgary, Alberta with my sister. I've never really lived anywhere else, so this will be a new experience for me. So far I'm liking it. They have a good group of YSA and new places to go shopping. It's kind of weird being the new person, but it's good to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I'm excited to see and experience more while I'm here. 

your girl,

ps. Let me know if you have any suggestions of fun things to do or places to visit! Thanks :)


so many knots...so little time

Hi ya'll!

I'm not the best at making my own DIYs, so for now I will be sharing awesome DIY/tutorials that I like. I love scarves and I definitely have a collection of my own (my sisters would testify to that...lol). Wearing a scarf is a simple and easy way to make a plain outfit stylish. They are one of those accessories that can be worn during any season of the year.

Here's a sweet DIY tutorial I came across. Who knew there were so many ways to wear a scarf!? I was so amazed when I saw this. Enjoy :)

How do YOU wear your scarf?


sittin' round the fire

This is our ghetto tent. haha. We had the poles in a separate bag and forgot to bring them. So we improvised and put our tent up using rope and tied it to the trees. Everyone was looking at our tent because the camp site was pretty open. 

We even tried chopping wood with our little axe and our camping neighbours saw us and offered help with a bigger axe, which was really nice but also a lil embarrassing. heh heh. But it's all good...we got a good laugh.

...we had some ukulele jamming sessions 

....and we braided each other's hair. what a girly thing to do...haha. fun.

 ...and we ate nachos on the beach. haha...yes.

We took a trip to Falcon Lake and had a great camping adventure (...or so we thought). We planned on canoeing, hiking, and swimming, but it turned out to be a cold weekend. So our trip basically consisted of sitting around the fire, sharing stories, and eating a lot of junk food. It was kind of funny how how things turned out, but it was still fun to get out of the city and be in the great outdoors and enjoy nature. And it was great catching up with friends, sharing some good laughs, and having some good ol' girl talk. I guess the moral of the story is to make the most of what you got or any situation you find yourself in. Life is so much sweeter that way :)


nature + floral pants

F21 Hat/Pants mother's closet/F21 shirt/Thrifted shoes

I had to include this photo of baby Julien because he's soo cute

It was a beautiful day to have a BBQ at the park. We brought our nieces and nephew to the playground and it is the coolest playground I've ever seen. For all you Winnipegers (or visiters from out of town), Assiniboine Park has a new Nature Playground. It's so fun. It makes me wish I was a kid again...lol. Definitely check it out if you haven't and bring the kids.


helping a sista out...

Guess what? A good friend of mine featured me on her blog The Bishop's Wife. I just started this fashion blog and I'm new to this whole blogging world. So she decided to help me out and share my blog. Thanks so much for your lovely post and your kind words. So sweet. Thanks Jaclyn for all your love and support! :)




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MINKPINK Summer 2011

I'm inspired by this MinkPink Summer Collection. It has a hippie/boho/freepeople kind of feel. I love their play on accessories...hats, headbands and layered jewelry. and I've gotta say...I'm lovin' her hair.