the zoo

We took a trip to the Calgary zoo with my cousins and the kids. It was so cool to see animals in real life. I mean it's not often you see a lion right in front of you {...I know, I'm easily amazed}. It was a fun zoo and there was a lot to see. We didn't have enough time to get to the Canadian Wilds and the Dinosaur Park. But that's okay...maybe next time. lol. And guess what? Prince William and Kate Middleton visited this zoo {not during our visit though}. That would have been so cool to see.

We waited to see the hippos and this was our best view

I waited in line with the kids for this one

The butterfly gallery was one of my favourite things to see. There were butterflies free-flying everywhere...it was magical. 
And a butterfly landed on Tyson's hat. So cute.

This was my other favourite spot. Gotta love them gorillas and monkeys.

Marques and his friends looking at the elephants.

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