Photography by Sophia Cardona
coat: thrifted
tote bag: american apparel
sweater: simons
pants: sirens
shoes: ebay
necklace: oak and fort

Last year I found this cocoon coat at the thrift store and almost fell in love. I was searching for a coat just like this but I say 'almost' because I wasn't too keen on the color. I had something else in mind. I decided to make the purchase anyway because it was such a good deal and I loved the fit of it. Now it has grown on me and I've come to love it! I'm so glad I didn't give up this treasure and it so happens to be an 'in' color right now, which is always a plus. Thrifted treasure hunting seriously is my favorite. I could totally do it for a living! It's exciting and you're always bound to find something unique, cool, interesting. 

I also jumped on the 'wear sporty sneakers with chic outfits' bandwagon and finally got a classic black pair of free runs. They are comfortable (of course) and go with pretty much anything in my books. I'm excited to wear them out. The sporty chic trend is a current obsession for me and I think it will be for a while.

On another note, my other new favorite accessory is this gold necklace that my sister got for me for Christmas. She got it from Oak and Fort. Since moving to Edmonton, it's become one of my favorite stores and it's surprisingly affordable. I love all of their jewelry pieces and admire their delicacy and simplicity. They're definitely something you can wear with anything and have become my go-to accessories. 

Have you had this too where you find something you didn't quite like at first but have come to love? 
I'd love to hear your stories and how you made it work!


  1. Great coat! love the pop of color!

  2. The coat is fabulous and I can totally understand your initial feelings: I would be a little bit scared of such a bright coat. However, I love how you paired it with more simple clothes and black and white colour combination. And the shoes are just the biggest trend right now, and I really like them.

  3. what a great thrifing find, you really lucked out! stylish shape AND fabulous colour!

  4. Love this color of blue for a bold statement jacket! Thanks for reading KSP!