photo via instagram @sherriamourr
gold cardigan: american apparel
t-shirt:  simons
maxi skirt: forever 21

So here's another round of attempted selfies. I found a decent spot to take photos, so you will be seeing more of me. I love the song by Jill Scott "Golden". She repeats the phrase "Living my life like it's golden". I hope I can repeat that to myself daily and find joy in the small and simple things in life. Very wise words. Life can be repetitive, dull, or hard but I believe attitude makes a huge difference and living with gratitude in your heart. One thing I've started is a gratitude journal. Where I try and write one or more things about what I'm grateful for that day. This really does help you have a better perspective in life and makes me happy. And it may surprise you how many blessings you do have. You should start one too and let me know how it goes!


  1. I LOVE your shirt. also the whole outfit!

  2. Optimism is something I could always use more of as well. Cute skirt!

  3. I really like the gold cardigan - throw in the bold floral of your top, and the look is very lush yet understated.
    Good for you for starting a gratitude journal! Years ago, my friend and I started e-mailing each other 3 things we were grateful for each day. Since we live far apart, it's a good way for us to keep up with the details of each other's lives and support each other in a positive attitude. You're right, life is full of not-so-great stuff that we sometimes don't have control over - but we can control our response. :)