STYLE FILE | Holly Taylor

Meet Holly! Her blog is original and is one of my favorite daily reads. I enjoy her taste in fashion and her lovely photos. This was a really fun interview and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Please stop over her blog here.

NAME: Holly Taylor
AGE: 22 
HOMETOWN: Kent in England

          How did you decide to start a blog? What do you blog about? I graduated from University last year with a degree in fashion promotion and needed a personal space to vent and write. I had come away from University knowing I wanted to become a writer, maybe not as a career but I had discovered it was something I had enthusiasm for and it helped getting everything flying around out online or on paper. My blog is primarily about fashion and my personal style but I often discuss books I'm reading (I'm addicted to Classic Literature), films I have watched, art and other areas of culture purely because I get inspired by everything and I wouldn't be able to write and blog about fashion without mentioning other subjects on occasion. For these other topics I try to get them published elsewhere, I am a contributor for an arts & culture online newspaper called The Flaneur and have had my writing published on Hello Giggles but sometimes they sneak onto my blog.
How would you describe your personal style? What/who inspires you? I think I dress a bit like a grown-up little girl, the kind who goes to boarding school with jumpers over shirts, peter pan collars, brogues & mary-janes but then likes to go on adventures. The kind of girls you find in Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Swallows and Amazons for example, they are courageous and always so brave, something I wasn't as a little girl and try to make up for now. I like their spirit of adventure, the idea of getting out, climbing trees and camping is exciting, much more exciting than being warped by technology. I also get really enthusiastic about elderly men. It may sound odd but I love tweed jackets with elbow patches and loafers, they are gentleman and have such a classic style, preppy in a way. I am also very inspired by the look of bygone eras, there is a reason they are still popular today. They are timeless and effortless.           


What are your favorite accessories? I am very much a shoe person but think I need to become a bag person. I am useless and pretty careless with bags which is a shame because new bags don't give you blisters or cause you pain for the first few weeks. Then again, bags have it easy, they carry your things whilst shoes carry you. 
You have 5 minutes to get ready, what do you put on? It depends where I'm going, it doesn't take me very long to get ready normally but if it was during the day I'd grab my breton stripes, jeans and some red ballet pumps. Easy but it makes me feel a tad Parisian, oui oui
Favorite indulgence: Shoes, definitely.  
What are some trends you love right now? Least favorite? Collars, matching your bottoms and top and ladies gloves, to be worn with dresses and outfits as an accessory and not just to keep your hands warm when it's cold. My least favourite trend would be anything sporty or athletic, I despised sport at school and would turn into a clown during lessons to distract from the fact I wasn't doing anything, later on though I just skipped the classes, became an enigma to everybody and hid away from the world. I'd be a walking talking oxymoron if I tried to carry off the sporty trend that just always lingers around every season. 
What clothing item would you say is timeless? The white t-shirt, it has to be my favourite item of clothing. Thank goodness for Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, who knows when society would have found it acceptable to wear it as a top and not as underwear. Everyone praises him for his acting and his iconic rebelliousness (including myself) but hello, he made society think it was okay to go about in your underwear and look cool at the same time. 

What are your current favorite blogs? I love reading We Live Young, Nirimmi's writing is so impassioned and her free-spirit is much to be admired, she influences me to look at the world differently. Others would be The Man Repeller, Thrills and Frills, Calivintage and Discotheque Confusion. Their personal style is slightly different to mine although I do love what they wear, I just really inspired and                                                                                                  ....................................................motivated by their writing.                                                                               
Currently topping your playlist:  I built a playlist on my Spotify that includes the likes of Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Brigitte Bardot, Edith Piaf as well as people like Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley but I played it through so much Spotify is refusing my ears from getting anymore enjoyment from it until I feed their wallets. Boo, hiss.    
What are your must have beauty products? I don't wear much make-up, I just make sure my skin is healthy and hydrated so I use Clinique's face wash and moisturiser. One beauty product I am always on the look out for though is lipstick, I like bright reds and pinks and then of an evening sometimes I go a bit deeper with crimson. I don't wear it everyday though because I worry I'd get sick of it, it just makes a nice change sometimes. 
Thanks so much Holly for coming over!

blog love | frassy

If you haven't heard of her, meet Audrey from Frassy. She is a 23 year old American living the life in Paris, France {a girl's dream come true}. I found her blog a while back when I was discovering the blog world and I'm intrigued by her unique style. I like her funky fresh, over-the-top style and it inspires me to dress the way I want to, to go all out, to be original, to have fun dressing up, to not be afraid of what others think and to just be me. I hope to inspire others like she has for me.



It's been beautiful outside and I'm lovin it. My sweet sister Sophia came to visit this weekend and it's so fun having her here. She's one of my BFFs. You may have noticed the photos are better quality...thanks to her :) I haven't taken as many outfits as I'd like because of lack of a photographer. This lovely number is from my mom's closet and I wore it to church. Gotta love her closet. And even my nude patent heels are borrowed from my sister. I feel like I was dressed in designer. thanks mi familia!
dress: mom's closet
louis vuitton purse: thrifted
shoes: borrowed from my sister
 photos by Sophia


vote for me

I designed dresses for these three lovely bloggers Color Me Nana, Natalie Off Duty, and Flashes of Style. I love each of their blogs and styles. They partnered up with Fashiolista and United Styles to throw an exciting new contest for aspiring fashion designers. 
On April 5th, they will choose their favorite dress out of the 5 dresses with the most loves. The winning dress will be actually made, and sold in the Fashiolista pop-up sale. The winner will also receive the dress she designed for free.

I had a lot of fun designing these dresses and hopefully tailored to each of their aesthetics. I hope to be a designer one day. Please vote for my designs by clicking 'love' (the heart). And if you can please spread the word too that would be awesome! I know this is a huge favor but I would soo appreciate your support. Thank you so much! 

xo sherri

Design for color me nana 

please click this link and 'love' to vote.

 Design for Natalie Off Duty 
please click this link and 'love' to vote. 

Design for Flashes of Style
please click this link and 'love' to vote.  


pinterest tuesday

 this photo
 good quote to live by
my style
  cute - Lou Dillon and her mom
 wedding inspiration
 i love salad rolls

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spring inspiration


. by lippedlove featuring a taffeta skirt

Untitled by lippedlove featuring short skirts

I'm so happy it's finally spring! I was going to post more winter outfits but I guess spring has literally sprung in Winnipeg from cold and snowy to sunshine and puddles. It's so good to the see the sun and be able to wear light jackets and shoes for a change. I found these cute outfits on polyvore. It's a fun place to play imaginary dress up and make outfits if you like that sort of thing. I'm really loving sheer, pastels, and creams for spring.

What are you loving for spring?


GUESS WHAT?? I'm featured on Clothed Much today! Elaine has been an inspiration to me and was the one that actually inspired me to start a personal style blog. I thought it was brilliant a idea to represent modesty and share ideas of how to do it with style. Dressing modestly is something I value. Plus it was a great excuse for me to start a fashion blog. hehe. Thanks so much Elaine for having me over and making my dreams come true. Stop by here and say what's up!


streets roundup

I'm absolutely in love with streetstyle. It's my favorite. I just think it displays raw, creative, fresh, and individual style. I'm so inspired by it. and I was inspired by Erin from calivintage to do a weekly roundup of streetstyle and share with you my favorite picks of the week. I hope to get the courage and do more in my own city.


first vlog

Hey ya'll! So I decided to share a thrift haul, vlog style. I was a little apprehensive to do a video because I'm a shy person {especially at first} and starting a blog was a big deal, but now you can see and hear me talk. eeks. I was a little nervous and shy filming this, so please bear with me {I guess I tend to say "um" a lot when I'm nervous}. heh heh. Hopefully I get better at this. Anyways, please let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this or have any other requests. enjoy :)



I wore this at a baptism and baby shower. I found this skirt at Value Village on one of their 50% off days...my favorite. I always receive inspiration from magazines, people, other bloggers. And I saw this girl in a magazine wearing a grey shirt with a printed skirt and said hey I have that and thought it was brilliant combo. So that was the inspiration of this outfit. the end.

skirt: thrifted
top: urban planet
hat: le chateau warehouse
shoes: springs
socks: joe fresh
necklace: forever 21
purse: thrifted