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I designed dresses for these three lovely bloggers Color Me Nana, Natalie Off Duty, and Flashes of Style. I love each of their blogs and styles. They partnered up with Fashiolista and United Styles to throw an exciting new contest for aspiring fashion designers. 
On April 5th, they will choose their favorite dress out of the 5 dresses with the most loves. The winning dress will be actually made, and sold in the Fashiolista pop-up sale. The winner will also receive the dress she designed for free.

I had a lot of fun designing these dresses and hopefully tailored to each of their aesthetics. I hope to be a designer one day. Please vote for my designs by clicking 'love' (the heart). And if you can please spread the word too that would be awesome! I know this is a huge favor but I would soo appreciate your support. Thank you so much! 

xo sherri

Design for color me nana 

please click this link and 'love' to vote.

 Design for Natalie Off Duty 
please click this link and 'love' to vote. 

Design for Flashes of Style
please click this link and 'love' to vote.  


  1. Woot woot! GO SHERRI! I voted for you on all three!


  2. Love them all, you are so talented!


  3. I LOVE your designs! :) I hope you win! And I voted!!!