valentine's plans?

I've become more of a hopeless romantic over the recent years and I was surprised that last years Valentine's Day I was actually a lil saddened being dateless (I know...so cheesy and kind of embarrassed I'm sharing this). So I decided to make it a happy day. Me and a couple of my girls watched a good ol' chick flick and ate a whole lotta junk food and it helped. haha

I'm flying solo again this valentines and wondering what all you single ladies are doing?  Any fun ideas? 

And to everyone else...What are your plans? I'd love to hear about it :)


  1. This year is my mister and I's first Valentine's day we actually get to celebrate together after almost 3 years together! And it's our first with anyone in general haha. But we're pretty much running on a very limited budget so dinner, movie at home, and cuddling it is!
    Hope you find some fun things to do!

  2. I hope you do the girls' night in again! Friends + lots of snacks = a good V Day.
    The Mr. and I usually don't do the dinner-out thing because we hate crowds and are not good at planning ahead. Last year he surprised me and bought a heart-shaped chocolate cake (which he decorated with a tea light). :) I wouldn't mind eating cake together again!

  3. I'm taking off to Jamaica! And no worries girl, the pickens here are slim! I'll bring you home a Jamaican lol

  4. My boyfriend and I are going out for the day on Saturday since we will both be busy on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it! I hope that you will do something fun for Valentine's Day...treat yourself to some delicious chocolate and have a girls' night again! Those can never go wrong! Love your blog!