one lipstick...four ways to wear it

Lipstick is a craze these days and becoming more common to wear day to day {which I think is so fun and a great way to take your look up a notch}. Lisa Elridge is one of those make gurus on youtube that I follow. I love her tutorials and she is definitely a pro make up artist. Here is one of her tutorials on how to wear the same lipstick four different ways. My favorite is the lip and cheek stain. Now I use my lipstick a lot more than before because I'm not always daring to wear the full on lipstick. 

enjoy :)


high waisted

Hand-made Bow/H&M Scarf/Wetseal Jacket/Bluenotes t-shirt/Thrifted Shoes/Gifted Pants/Thrifted Purse

This is what I wore to a career workshop at my church. It was an awesome workshop and it was actually really helpful. I just graduated from the University of Manitoba and I am now on to pursuing a career...I know, welcome to the 'real world' right? Here is another bow I made that will be sold in my Marty Shop. These lovely high waisted pants or 'granny pants' as I call them, were given to me by my good friend Annie. She got them from the flea market in Montreal and I love 'em! Thanks Annie :) I love high waisted things from pants to skirts to jeans. They have a way of sinching in the waist and creating a vintag-y look.

High Waisted Warning: Beware of the pouch {a little bulging of the belly}. The high waist is not flattering on all body types or after a big meal.

ps. Don't mind my no makeup face :) ...I know it looks like I just woke up



i love to see the temple

Regina, Saskatchewan Temple 
Thrifted Vinage Dress/ Springs Oxford Heels/ Winners Purse/Thrifted Jacket
Me, Tamra, Abram, Joy

We went on a temple trip with my church. Our closest temple is Regina, Saskatchewan, which is a 6 hour road trip. It is a far drive but it's totally worth it and it's always fun road trippin'. I love going to the temple. It definitely feels like heaven on earth and one of the most peaceful places I've ever been. I'm so grateful that we were able to go and that my good friends were able to come. It brought me so much joy to be there with them.

I like to dress nicely when I go to the temple to show respect and because it is a sacred and special place to me. So I always like to wear a dress when I go. Can't wait until the next temple trip!

If you'd like to learn more about LDS temples visit here.


my first bow

It has been a while since I have sewed anything and recently my good friend Annie asked me to teach her how to sew. It has motivated me to sew again and it feels great. So we've been trying to have weekly sewing sessions, which have been a lot of fun. Plus I have been meaning to sew so I can get my shop going and re-sharpen my skills. So here is the first bow I made. It was so fun to make and I am going to make more for my Marty Shop that will be opening soon. I know that I said it will be opening soon a long time ago...but it is under works and WILL be happening. For reals...I can't wait to get it going!

By the by....isn't my model so cute? This is my niece Andi Elise. She's the only bebe in the family right now. I just LOVE her! She's so cute and funny. She is one year old and growing so fast and learning new things everyday. She just started learning how to talk and sing and I'm still not used to it! She makes me happy :)

night out

Blazer mom's closet/ Thrifted Chain/ Joe Fresh Jeans/ Springs Shoes

Thrifted Button up/ Leggings Mom's closet/ Thrifted Purse/ Zellers Wedges/ F21 Watch

My sister Sarah and I got ready for a friend's wedding social. It's always fun getting ready together. I played the stylist and I did my sister's hair, makeup, and outfit. It was SO fun for me...teehee. Isn't she so pretty?! She is one stylish mom and I've always told her growing up that she could be a model...although she doesn't believe me. And yes, she is expecting her second. I'm so so excited to have another baby in the family!!

The social was a lot of fun and it was good to see family and friends. Congrats Meryelle and Vincent!

p.s. I know there's a lot of different views on how to wear leggings. For me, my rule of thumb is as long as it covers your bottom...you're good to go. 


winnipeg streetstyle

                                                                                Tara / Polo Park / Winnipeg

I love streetstyle and I decided to play the sartorialist  in my hometown Winnipeg. I think this city has style walking its streets and I would like to share it with ya'll. Winnipeg is a cool city, with cool people.

So this was my first time to ask someone to take their picture and it was pretty awkward, but she was totally cool about it. Her slouched beanie caught my eye and I love her simple and effortless style. Thanks Tara!

{ Stay tuned for more Winnipeg Streetstyle featured under Style File }


custom pockets

{ these are a few of my favorites }

My brother Andrew started making duct tape wallets. I guess you can say we're kind of an artsy family.  So he just launched Custom Pockets where he sells his hand-made wallets. I gotta say...I'm pretty impressed. He has skill for making detailed designs. They also are a really good deal, ranging from $8-$15. Check them  out here.

And guess what?! I will be hosting my first giveaway sponsored by Custom Pockets! Stay tuned next week!

xo sherri


sunday dress

Thrifted Button up/ Forever 21 Maxi Dress/ Winners Purse/ Target Clogs

I wore this to Stake Conference for church. Stake Conference was so good by the way! It was such a spiritual boost and so inspiring. It's so great to meet as a whole stake. {There is only one stake in Winnipeg. Geography wise it's huge! It covers all of Manitoba, part of Ontario, and part of Minnesota.} This outfit was  inspired by the lovely Elaine from clothedmuch. I never thought of tying my button-up in the front because I thought it was too old school or something. But hey...it's not so bad after all. It's also a good way to use as a cover up! So the moral of the story is...don't be afraid to try new things! 

What are some trends that you have tried?


stolen from my mom's closet

Blazer Mom's Closet/ H&M Tank Top/ Leggings Mom's Closet/ Zellers Wedges/ F21 Circle Ring/ Winners  Purse/ F21 Gold Watch

Yes...I admit. I do sift through my mom's trustee closet. I can't help it...she has so many vintage treasures. I found this floral blazer in the basement and thought I'd take it out for a spin. I wore this outfit to Institute class.

By the way these are my new favorite shoes. I've been looking for some kind of black wedge that are comfortable to wear and also help with my vert. I'm 5'1" and I've heard more than once from different people who realize and say, "You ARE really short".  Haha...I forget myself sometimes. Anyways, my good friend Latoya told me about these wedges that are from Zellers and they were on sale! I always love a good bargain. Thanks girl!  And guess what?! Word on the street is that all of our Zellers are going to turned into Target. I'm SO excited!


gone window shopping


Le Chateau Hat/ Thrifted Jacket/ Thrifted Blouse/ Thrifted  Louis Vuitton purse/ Leggings Mom's Closet/ Thrifted Shoes/ F21 Watch/ Refashioned Necklace

 My cousin Joy and I went to the Exchange District, one of the cool places to hit up in Winnipeg. We did some window shopping at the local boutiques, vintage shops, and antique stores. And Joy decided to get a haircut at Academia De Capelli hair school. I often go to hair schools when I get my hair cut because as you've probably guessed...it's cheap and I find this hair school in particular is pretty legit. I also haven't found a hairdresser that I can trust and that is "my hairdresser". One day I hope to find one. Not that I have had a lot of bad haircuts, just that I haven't been exposed to many hairdressers because I don't often cut my hair and go to salons. And I love going with friends to get their haircut. It's fun and exciting to me. If you know me...I'm one to strongly encourage friends to get haircuts. hehe. Afterwards we did some more window shopping in Osbourne Village, another cool place to visit in Winnipeg. I love their cute shops. And we ate at Kawaii Crepes. It such a cute little joint that serves all kinds of savoury and sweet crepes. I love crepes! I ordered the New Mexico crepe. It sure was delish!  


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