mall musings

vintage inspiration @ f21
H&M beanie/ F21 necklace/ Winners purse/ Yard sale boots/ Boathouse Shrug/ Jacob denim
outfit inpiration @ f21
diy: wear sequins under sheer @ f21
sewing diy: pink ruffle shirt @ f21
things i like to do at the mall...

- window shop
- try on fancy or expensive things...even if i'm not going to buy it
- get an orange julius
- dance if there's a good jam playing
- shop with friends or shop alone...just depends if they like to shop or not. and friends can be a good second opinion and keep you from buying something that's not worth it.
- sample make up
- gain style inspiration from other people
- take pictures
- look for bargains
...and of course shop :]

fyi: in a small town like mine, going to the mall is one of the fun things to do


  1. oh how i love shopping! i love that ruffle shirt!<3

  2. haha I'm from a small town too, but there's no mall so the funnest thing to do is to go browse around Wal-Mart. On my first date with Kevin, we seriously browsed around Wal-Mart for an hour (it was fun!).
    Loving the casual look here, perfect for school.
    <3 Carrie