Christmas party and a Winner!

Me and my good friend Tamra at our ward Christmas party. 
It was SO fun. Delicious food, good people, entertaining variety show, beautiful decor, and an epic dance. 

Here is a video of our dance practice for the variety show. 
(I'm on the left)

enjoy :)

And the winner from the Custom Pockets Giveaway is....

Emma from Race & Emma

Congrats! Please send me an email so I can set you up!

Thanks so much to all who entered!

{chosen via random.org}


  1. ohhh buddy. that video of y'all was SO awesome!! y'all are SO good!(: loved it.

    awww, congratulations to emma! so happy for her!

    i love your outfit in the picture of you and your friend!

    happy weekend, dear.<3

    p.s. thanks for your sweet words on my accent post! they made me smile.(: i'm actually from Alabama, so i have a southern accent...i bet you have one too!(: i'd love to hear it!!