my amazing weekend

My family and I took a roadtrip down to Utah for the Semi-Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the beginning of this month. This is a time where we can listen to our prophet and other inspired leaders of the church, which is broadcasted worldwide. I LOVE conference! It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I am so grateful for their uplifting and inspiring messages. It always gives me a huge boost and I recieve answers to my questions. This was also my first time to attend conference live at the conference center in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has always been my dream to go...and it finally came true! It was an amazing experience and it was so neat to see thousands of people gathered together for this special occasion. Walking around temple square was a heavenly peaceful feeling and it is an experience that I recommend to everyone.

Visit here to listen/watch/read the addresses given in General Conference.

Visit here to view one of my favourite talks.

Salt Lake City Temple
In Beautiful Temple Square
We went to Cafe Rio Mexican Grill for lunch and it was SO good! They have the best burrito I've ever had! My favourite.
  mom and me
Stefanie, mom, me, Sophia
at the conference center
I saw a guy holding this sign and I thought it was funny. {no...we didn't hook up. lol.}
my polynesian friends
Danielle and I
Tarah and I

I went to my Canada Toronto East Mission Reunion and it was SO good to see everyone! Another sister and I did an ancient hawaiian dance for the talent show we had. It was my dream come true...to be an island girl and do hula. So fun. Thank you President and Sister Eyre for an amazing reunion. You're the greatest. Love you all!

Here is the video of our dance {I'm on the right}:


  1. Awesome pictures! I haven't been able to attend General Conference yet in Salt Lake, but someday I will!

  2. You take gorgeous pictures and I really love your skirt! Where is it from?

    Definitely try a short haircut! I started wit a bob and then went shorter from there :)

  3. I really love this. I've not heard much of the Latter-Day Saints, but it's definitely something I want to learn about! You, as always, look stylish. I love the pictures you took, especially of the temple. It's gorgeous!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! It must have be so great!!!! Much Love - NY

  5. I love your whole outfit!! Especially the skirt with the stripes. That conference must be great it's nice to hear uplifting and inspiring messages to help you get trough stuff.

    By the way thanks for following me I will follow you back ASAP.

  6. I love that striped skirt!


  7. looks like so much fun!!you are so talented!!loved the dance video and totally love your skirt with the stripes..

  8. ok weirdness, you have a picture with my girl Danielle Kamalu-we were in the MTC together! love her!