new beginnings

Happy New Year! I hope you all are enjoying your celebrations. With this new chapter it always brings new aspirations to mind. I hope you all are setting some meaningful goals. This year is it. Like many, I have often neglected goals and forgot about them. But this year I'm going to do it. I'm super determined and excited about what's to come. Something I'm going to try is to focus on three goals. I think three is the lucky number and is easier to remember and succeed. You can try this too. It's also good to be prayerful about goals and see what God has in store. He knows us best and of our personal potential.

This video is about a musician, Zella Day and it has inspired me. I love how she talks about hard work and doing you. She says "The world doesn't need me, but I need to share." We are all different and we all have something to offer. There is no need to compare or doubt ourselves.

Let's do it! I wish you and your families all the best this year. Cheers to new beginnings!


"The Future is as a bright as your faith" Thomas S. Monson

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