pinterest tuesday | hair inspiration

I eventually want to get this cut. Gotta be brave!

pretty up do
braid and bun
I love bangs.
I wish I had an afro
milkmaid braid
 bow hair
cute cut...want to do this one too

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dare to be different

Sometimes when I throw outfits together I don't know if I look like a crazy person. haha. I guess I could see someone from Europe wearing something like this on the streets. I like all types of styles and I like to be different. That's my motto. "Dare to be different". I'm trying to be more confident in my style and be brave to dress the way I want to because I'm shy and I don't like attracting attention to myself.  So I could definitely use Latoya's style advice. Thanks girl :)
                                                                                                                                                                   photos: sophia

headband:  ardenes
frames and watch:  forever 21
button-up: thrifted
pants: clothing exchange
canvas shoes: walmart
vintage gym bag: dad's closet


STYLE FILE: Latoya Shumsky

I'm so excited to have one of my best friends Latoya over. We grew up together since kindergarten and we're still tight...now that's true friends. She is super fun, funny, pretty and talented. and she is one of the greatest thrifters I know.  

Why, hi there! My name is Latoya Shumsky, everyone calls me Toya. I'm 25, married and currently in school. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada and I write the blog Lah-toy-ah 

 How would you describe your style? 
My style is hard to describe because it's all over the place. I love the frumpy, dishevelled, hobo look to the classic, prim and proper clean lines look. There pretty much ain't nothing I won't wear. Which also makes it really bad when shopping because I pick up EVERYTHING!

 Who/what is your biggest style influence? 
To be honest... other fashion bloggers and street fashion. I find that I like pulling my inspiration from other stylish femmes I see around me everyday on the street/store/restaurant. The more dressed up they are the more it inspires me to step up my game. 

 What 3 items do you wear often?
1. Hats! A definite staple in my wardrobe. 
2. Oversized sweater from Zellers. Even if it doesn't match the rest of my outfit I'm still rocking it. 
3. Infinity scarf. 'Tis the season, it's cooold outside. 

                   What is your favorite kind of shoe?
I looove a cute heel. But seeing how I'm '5"9 (without heels) and everyone in "my" world is shorter than me I end up looking like a beast so my next best shoe would have to be the oxford. Love that style.

How do you piece together your outfits?
It all depends on what ONE article of clothing I feel like wearing that day. If it's a shirt then I'll work the shoes, pants/skirt, or accessories around that one shirt. 

What are your favorite places to shop?  
I find myself, as of lately, stopping in every store! I seem to be finding some solid pieces in the strangest shops like Northern Reflections, clothing targeted towards grannys lol. Try waltzing into a new store you've never been to before, you never know what you might just end up finding.

Favorite beauty products? 
My favorite beauty products has to be cetaphils moisturizing lotion. I never realized the importance of moisturising your face daily, applying this before makeup makes a huge difference to how the end result of your makeup will come out. 
NYC's liquid eyeliner in jet black. If I want to go from day to night and vamp up my look I just put this on for a fun cateye look. 

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be? 
Don't be afraid to wear what you want to wear! Be you! I can't tell you the countless times I've walked out of my house, locked the door and made my way down the hallway only to turn back letting my insecurities get to me and remove what I was wearing and change into a boring/frumpy t-shirt and jeans because I thought the outfit I was wearing was "too" much or loud and cared about what other people would think of me. Only to regret changing my look later on in the day. 

 Favorite fashionable movie?
 Ekk, that's a hard one. I don't have just one favorite fashionable movie. But I enjoy the fashion from a lot of  films from the 50's and 60's like "How To Marry A Millionaire" and "Funny Face" actually those movies have inspired me. I think my next fashion post will channel something from those movies lol

 Tell us 3 random things about yourself…
I can play the ukulele but I have yet to showcase my skills because I'm a terrible singer!
I can make one mean Jamaican dish, too bad the boy doesn't think so :(
I am absolutely terrible at sports. All kinds basketball, ping pong, soccer...the list goes on. 


 Out ya'll!
Thanks Sherri!


I'm not even close to tying the knot, but hey a girl can dream right? I actually started planning my wedding or just getting ideas ever since my good friend, Annie got married. And like one of my friends said, "it's impossible not to think of weddings when you're on pinterest." haha...so true right? So here is some wedding inspiration...
love this engagement ring
 vintage props/decor
 pretty veil
  flower girl headband
ruffles on cake
pretty up-do    
outdoor bridal shower 
I love vintage dresses

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ps. Do you know of any good blogs/sites for wedding inspiration? One of my faves is Green Wedding Shoes.

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over the knee

                                                                                                               photos: Sophia

I'm wearing a couple of pieces I got for Christmas. My sister Sophia got me this sweet shoulder bag and my other sister Sarah got me these over-the-knee socks. Thanks sisters :) I'm really loving the over-the-knee socks and how they peek out of the boot. And I'm also loving over-the-knee boots. I don't have a pair of those because I have so many boots (heh heh) and there are always gonna be new styles coming out. So ya just gotta be content with what you got right?

scarf and watch: forever 21
top: bluenotes
belt: house
over-the-knee socks: gifted from aldo
 bag: gifted from H&M
hunters: thrifted

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Meet Virginia Design



Surprisingly, being from Canada I've only skated a few times. It's actually pretty fun! Since we've had a pretty mild winter the ice is too thin to skate along the river. But they do have an outdoor skating rink at the Forks with a disco ball and some sweet jams playing. The only recommendation I have is to make sure you have good skates because my rented ones were cramping my feet. I went with a my sister, cousin, and a couple of friends. Afterwards we enjoyed some tim tam slams (an Australian tradition)... if ya'll haven't tried it, you gotsta! and if you're a chocolate lover like myself, it's a definite must! It's so good.

By the by...I'm guest posting at Love Notes by Lauryn today and giving a lil blog intro. Check it out here!


lucky find

                                                                                                                         photos: Sophia

                                                These are the greatest thrift find of all time -- Authentic Hunters. I always
                                                wanted a pair. I was like "No way!" when I saw them and they are even in the 
                                                army green color that I liked. They are a lil big but still wearable. It sure was
                                                my lucky day.

                                               *Notice the frames...thanks ya'll for giving me the confidence to sport them :)

                                                Scarf: H&M
                                                Frames & Watch: F21
                                                Top: Joe Fresh
                                                Purse: Winners
                                                Hunters: Thrifted


STYLE FILE: Rebecca Hammond

Hey, meet Rebecca. She is a fellow Mormon fashion blogger and one of my favorite bloggers. I'm super excited to have her over and have the chance to work with her. Go check her out here. This girl's got style.

NAME: Rebecca Hammond
AGE: 23
BLOG: See Me Rwar
BLOGGING SINCE:  January 2011
S: How would you describe your style?
R: This one is always a toughy. Even in the last few months my style has changed a bit. There's a mix of classic and earthy. A bit of prep and boho.

S: Who/what is your biggest style influence? 
R: More than anything, I love seeing what the latest trends are on the runway. While I can't afford most of what I see, it helps me have an eye for what's in style. The Louis Vuitton SS 2012 show was completely inspiring. A touch of girliness, pastels, and frills, but not young. It was still very sophisticated.
S: What are your 3 closet essentials? 
R: Colored denim (I have way too many pairs), my thrifted silk polka dot blouse, and some new amazing black booties my husband just got me for Christmas.

S: What are your favorite hobbies? 
R: Outside of fashion, I love to bake. Especially cookies. I love playing games with my family. And I really enjoy watching sports.

S: If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be? 
R: Don't overdue it. Sometimes when you trying to be different or creative, it's easy to get carried away and you end up looking sloppy. Also, wear clothing that fits you correctly!
S: What beauty product can you not live without? 
R: Face moisturizer! I don't were makeup a whole lot. Maybe a few times a week. But I could not live without face creme and chapstick!

S: Any advice for anyone who wants to start her/his own blog? 
R: Do it for the right reasons. Find something you love to write about or that interests you and go for it.

S: Tell us 3 random things about yourself…
R: I'm a lefty, I love cracking my knuckles, and I'm not a particularly clean or organized person but I'm a little OCD about things being in numerical order.

It was lovely getting to know you better. Thanks Rebecca!



 good advice

modest vintage swimsuit
 mixed tape
 style inspiration
wedding hair

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