new blue coat

So maybe it isn't a brand new coat but it's she is new to me :) Finding pea coats in the thrift market is my latest and greatest discovery! I've been looking for a camel colored one but I only found this cobalt blue one that fit me (my arms are really short and I'm really short in general). It wasn't the color I had in mind but I think it's fun and different. I'm still on the hunt for camel but seriously there is a great selection of coats. Leopard and fur coats are also on my wishlist heh. Also another tip is to for sure go on 50% off day. Coats are more pricey in the thrift store but you save loads. Pea coats in retail can costs hundreds and mine was only $15! Great bargain indeed.

ps. I'm so stoked I finally got to do a shoot with my sister Sophia, one of my favorite photographers.  It's been a while. Please check out her amazing photography on her blog here.

scarf: american apparel
satchel: thrifted
coat: thrifted
boots: shoe warehouse
photos by sophia 


  1. I don't even have a teal blue jacket/coat either. As for me, I too have a problem when it comes to shopping for coats at the thrift store since I am a shorty one as well. I am on a lookout for a black coat and I would love to find it at the thrift store and not have to buy a brand new one that can cost me tons of money if possible. :) Love the color of the coat!

    Adin B

  2. That shade of blue is awesome! I always lean towards dark colours in coat but I love the brightness here. And the photography is lovely!

  3. you always find the cutest things and have amazing style! I love your blog!

  4. The coat is a great colour! Keep looking and eventually you'll find your camel coloured coat :)

  5. I lost one of my favorite jackets this weekend in Albuquerque :( But looking at these photos makes me want to find a new on at the thrift store! The blue suits you!

  6. love the coat! super cute! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!

    happy new year!



  7. Your coat is awesome! Beautiful color!


  8. These photos are so beautiful! I especially love your boots.

    I lived in Utah for five years and this just sends shivers up my spine thinking of how cold it would be.

  9. Love the blue peacoat!

    :) Emma