STYLE FILE | AnneMarie

This is my lifelong family friend and practically my other sister Anne. She just started a fashion blog and I'm super excited about that. I love her unique style and taste and she does awesome reviews on beauty products. She is my source for makeup help and how to's. And she knows how to work maternity style! Please share the love and check out her spot here

NAME: AnneMarie

How would you describe your style? I honestly don't know how to answer this question. I feel I'm not into fashion enough to fit into any specific category. I like a bit of rock and roll, vintage, bohemian, chic, edge, etc. but whether or not this translates into the way I dress may be debatable. If I were to attempt to describe my style, I guess I would say it's a mixture of a toned down version of each style mentioned above. If that makes sense...which it probably doesn't.  
Who or what inspires your style? Real people. Street style found in all of the cities I've lived in and my favourite fashion bloggers is where I find most of my inspiration.
What are your 3 closet essentials? An oversized/boxy top, a pair of slim-fit jeans, and a cool pair of ankle boots are my closet essentials. I love this combination especially with the top loosely tucked in the front. You just can't go wrong.

Favorite food/dessert? I go through phases with food where I love something to death, insist on eating it every day, get sick of it, then move onto something else. At the moment, I'm really loving pasta.
How do you piece together your outfits? Style doesn't come naturally to me. I can easily pick out an individual article of clothing that I love out of a pile of stuff, but putting it together in a look takes a bit more effort for me. I usually have to try on every possible option before feeling confident enough to wear it out. It normally takes me quite a bit of time to get ready because of this.
Tell us 3 random facts about yourself...
1. I'm full Filipino but I sadly don't speak or understand Tagalog.
2. I have finger toes but I'm ok with it.
3. I have a somewhat debilitating fear of the dark.
Favorite beauty products? Oooohh, tough question. I love my makeup. I can seriously get into any product that can enhance one's natural beauty and confidence. But if I had to choose a few, my favourite looks couldn't go without a dark brown khol pencil for tightlining the upper and lower waterline, a matte bronzer for adding depth and drama, and blush for brightening the complexion. 

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be? Have confidence. I feel that this attribute alone can determine whether or not anyone can pull anything off from a bright lip to a fashion forward piece of clothing. I can admire any kind of personal style as long as it is carried with confidence.
What's your favorite fall trend? I'm really liking the colour burgundy for the fall. On the lips, on the nails, or on a piece of clothing. The colour is both chic and edgy and seems so fitting for the season. 
Currently on my playlist... I don't have a playlist but I do have a few favourite cd's that I like to take with me when I go out. I'm currently listening to: Kings of Leon "Aha Shake Heartbreak", Beirut "The Rip Tide", and Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Clean Version)".


  1. Great outfits! I love it.

  2. she is totallllly working maternity! I NEEEED that black and white striped scarf. I have been looking for a good black and white one...him ill have to see if American Apparel still has it.