breaking them in

 my mom told me to do a "funny pose"

This is my first venture walking in these babies. Someone asked how I would style these and I tried to be subtle the first time to break them in because like a mentioned before, I don't like drawing attention to myself but I guess it's hard when you're into fashion. A guy at church said to me "Sherri, those shoes are fierce!". ha. I'd just like to where stuff without it being a big deal...ya know? This is what makes me shy away from dressing up or wearing that new hat or that bright red lipstick. But it's all good...I guess it's one of those things. You just don't worry about the "attention" and what others think of you. I guess that's why I like doing  a personal style blog so I can express myself and let it be my creative outlet. 

shoes and blazer: urban outfitters
skirt and top: mom's
necklace and belt: thrifted


  1. Sherri, those shoes ARE fierce!! :P
    But seriously, I know what you mean, sometimes I'll put an outfit on that I love in my bedroom, but I'm too chicken to actually wear it out. But it's getting better, and I find blogging helps with my courage! :)
    Hope you're doing well
    <3 Carrie

  2. I love the stripes and florals! So soft and pretty :)


  3. Hooray, another amazing outfit post! Those shoes look great with that outfit, love how you styled them! How tall are you without the shoes?

    1. Thanks so much Cecilia :) I'm 5'7" with these platforms...pretty awesome.

  4. nice look, I like your skirt and shoes!!!

  5. i love this outfit. but really.