birthday festivities

I celebrated my birthday on Monday. I turned the big two-five! So weird...I still feel very much like a kid. As you can see I got two beautiful cakes for my birthday {no matter how old we are we still have cake}. The purple cake is from my mom, filipino style and the other one my sister made, coconut vanilla pudding cake. So good. I celebrated it twice -- one with friends and one with the family. Birthdays are a great excuse to have get togethers. I might even have a third celebration this week and go to a zumba black light party at the gym. heheh.

So since I haven't shared with you goals for 2012, I'll share with you some of my goals for my 25th year...

1. have a {decent} scripture study everyday
2. keep a daily journal {maybe online}
3. be a workout girl and exercise 5 times a week
4. sleep early/wake early
5. clean sweep my room and maintain it
6. be on time for things...break my late habit 
7. open my online shop
8. establish myself - in career and location

...and many others but these are the main ones.

oh and I got my haircut. I've been planning to cut it for a while because I've had long hair for forever and wanted to try going short. My plan is to go gradually shorter and try different styles along the way. Should be fun :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sherri! I should definitely write down some of your goals for myself, especially the being on time thing. It's gotten worse since I got married! Oops! Can't wait to see your haircut! And again, hope you had a birthday blast! :)

  2. Happy Birthday you gorgeous woman! 25 is an AWESOME year! Hope you enjoy it! :)

  3. Hi there and hope you've had a wonderful birthday! I definitely feel the same as when each year when it reaches my bday. I always feel like I'm the same age every year! Haha... Luckily, I've still got youth on my side ;) BTW, I just became your 127th follower! Funny, 127 stands for my born year! 01/27. Awesomeness! Anyways, feel free to stop by my blog some time! Have a great day!


  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day, although it looks like you did! :) Also, your hair looks great!
    <3 Carrie

  5. Really like the haircut -- so sophisticated! Happy belated birthday! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Great goals -- I could use #2, #4 and #5 myself. :)

  6. I am so sorry for being late with wishes, but still I wish you have a wonderful new year and I really hope that everything bright will come into your life! Happy birthday delayed!
    I like these photos, cute <3


  7. happy belated birthday! and what beautiful images!!
    xo TJ