it just takes a cupcake to make your day

this is my 'can't wait to eat this cupcake' face

I had quite the fun filled weekend...

- My cousin Joy got me this cute oreo cupcake from a bakery called Sweet Impressions. She just discovered it and I can't wait to go! We are bakery buddies...hehe. So sweet...thanks girl! It was so tasty and it made my day :)

- We celebrated my friend Stefanie's birthday. We ate at Don Pedros, a sweet Mexican restaurant. Finally Winnipeg has Mexican joints!

-I went with my good friend Toya to a Jazz club. I've never been and it was fabulous. I never realized we had such cool spots like this in Winnipeg. They had a band playing and the girl's voice was really nice. I love jazz and it was so cozy and relaxing. I really enjoyed it. It will definitely be our new hang out spot.

-We had a Relief Society fashion party. My friend Jakee taught us about hair and how to treat it. It was so informative and made me realize that I need to take better care of my hair. And I shared a little about fashion, which was so fun for me. It was a great activity.

- On Sunday I went to church and it was so good. A sister spoke about trusting in God, being positive, and never giving up. It was just what I needed. and I got to teach Relief Society, which I always enjoy doing. 

- Me and my mom put up the Christmas tree! It's so fun decorating the tree. There's something about Christmas trees...they're so mesmorizing and I can just sit and watch for hours. I love it. So excited for the season!


  1. That cupcake looks delicious!! :] And your Relief Society sounds like a TON of fun! I totally need to learn how to take better care of my hair! Also, your tree is GORGEOUS!

  2. I love your tree! I'm putting mine up with my mom on Saturday, and I'm super excited! And that cupcake looks TASTY! :)
    <3 Carrie

  3. these pics are so inspiring me!!!

    lovely blog!!

  4. Your tree is beautiful. It's so fun decorating the tree. I love Christmas, and I am very excited for this. And oh, that cupcake looks delicious! *-* yummmmy!

  5. wow! your christmas tree looks amazing!

  6. Great that you had a good time and that tree loves lovely :)

  7. i agree, tree decorating is SO fun! that cupcake is too cute!
    and you are very welcome for passing along the fun facts thing(: i hope you can do it! and thank you for letting me still enter your awesome giveaway<3