white blouse

Here's another outfit with my new platforms. I found this silk blouse while thrifting during 50% off day at Value Village...my favorite day. I mentioned earlier in this video that I may want to alter it but I tried it on again and rolled the sleeves up {great technique by the way} and found it was wearable. I love how this shirt is a little oversized and tapers in the back. The white button up is definitely a classic. 

top: thrifted
purse: winners
shoes: urban outfitters
pants: costco


breaking them in

 my mom told me to do a "funny pose"

This is my first venture walking in these babies. Someone asked how I would style these and I tried to be subtle the first time to break them in because like a mentioned before, I don't like drawing attention to myself but I guess it's hard when you're into fashion. A guy at church said to me "Sherri, those shoes are fierce!". ha. I'd just like to where stuff without it being a big deal...ya know? This is what makes me shy away from dressing up or wearing that new hat or that bright red lipstick. But it's all good...I guess it's one of those things. You just don't worry about the "attention" and what others think of you. I guess that's why I like doing  a personal style blog so I can express myself and let it be my creative outlet. 

shoes and blazer: urban outfitters
skirt and top: mom's
necklace and belt: thrifted

happy mother's day

you're the greatest. love you mom


hello again

Hey how ya'll doing? I know it's been a while since I've done an outfit...it's been kinda tough without a photographer. But these garage doors with a with a point and shoot camera will do. I'm into floral prints and these were some fun pants I found in my mum's closet. 
blazer:  sister's old stuff
necklace: thrifted
watch: forever 21
pants: mom's closet
shoes: springs


tumblr love

I'm not very familiar with tumblr but there is a lot of inspiration that comes with it. One of my favorite tumblrs is Wearing the Pants. I love the classy and often modest styling. Very inspiring for outfit ideas! Any tumblrs you like to follow?


new shoes

Oh snap! I just got these in the mail. It was my first online purchase...this is dangerous territory folks. I've been looking for a comfortable platform for a while and I found these on sale at Urban Outfitters. They are black peep-toe 5 1/2" platforms. I'm only 5'1" so these definitely help! They are really comfortable, but I am nervous at the risk of twisting my ankle.. Do you have any recommendations for comfortable platforms?